martedì 31 agosto 2010

RIP Fatboyla ( June 2,1966- April 6, 2010)!

From Bill's Biggercity profile

"Bill aka Fatboyla Age 43, died unexpectedly on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, in Los Angeles, CA. Bill was born in Waukegan, IL on June 2, 1966 He has lived in Wisconsin for most of his life, other than the last ten years spending a lot of time in California, a place he loved dearly. He worked as a trucker, and most recently as a roofer. Bill was a kind hearted friend and companion who had a deep love and commitment for this community that accepted and embraced him for who he was. 
He will be sadly missed by his many friends and admirers."

Bill was the greatest actor of some of the best gay bear movies for adults.

Rest in peace Bill... WE miss you!

Link of Bill's movies

domenica 1 agosto 2010

Winter's Moon